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4.25  quarts  pan  (serves approx 8-9 people -bibimbop tray is full size tray 8.5 quarts tray) filled with freshly cooked, healthy and steamy (for transportation we use state of art thermal insulated catering cases keeping food hot for long time):



  • Korean kimchi pancake $70

  • Korean seafood pancake $80

  • MANDU fried dumplings filled with veggies $60 beef $80 or kimch 870

  • DDUKBOKKI Korean rice cake, fish cake and veggies sautéed in sweet and tangy sauce 80

  • Mozarella/chedar pancake $80

  • Sweet and spicy jumbo chicken wings approximately 30 pcs $60

  • Kim male deep fried sweet potato noodles rolled up with seaweed $70

  • KIMBOP sushi like rolls of beef, veggies, fried egg and seaweed 11 rolls $100y


- pan of freshly cooked steamy rice $20

- pan of fried  rice with veggies (carrots, peas, corn)with sunny side eggs (9) $40

- kimchi fried rice with sunny side eggs(9) $50


  • Boodae Jun-gol bacon spam sausages with kimchi, tofu and onions in hot and spicy soup $60

  • Yookgae jang beef, veggies and onions in spicy soup $60

  • Kimchi chigae $50

  • Doenjang chigae soybean paste stew with tofu and veggies $50 


  • Chicken  bulgogi $100

  • DOEJI (pork) bulgogi $100


  • KALBI short ribs marinated in house sauce $190

  • Stir fried squid with veggies in sweet and spicy sauce $110

  • BULGOGI slices of tender beef marinated in house sauce $130

  • Bossam  $120

  • Breaded fried pork $110

  • Stir fried pork belly with veggies not spicy $100

  • BIBIMBOP rice , fried egg, assorted veggies, sesame oil, house sweet chili paste on the side, choice of beef, chicken, tofu or vegetarian  $110 ITS LARGE FULL SIZE TRAY SERVING APPROXIMATELY 18 (half tray $70)


- Jopche  (m0 meat) potato noodles stir fried with veggies $80

BANCHAN : Korean side dishes $30 each, selection of:

  • Bean sprouts, fish cake, potato, cucumber kimchi, tofu w homemade soy sauce, shredded radish and carrots, seaweed – we can do banchans per pint as well $7 per pint

  • KIMCHI Korean fermented spicy cabbage $30 or $6 per pint $10 per quart


Delivery fee:

  • 0-5 miles $20 plus 5% of the order value

  • 5-10 miles $30 plus 5% of the order value

  • 10-20 miles $50 plus 5% of the order value

  • 20-30 miles $80 plus  5% of the order value

We provide free of charge serving and table ware as well plates , napkins etc,

Please min 48 hrs notice, for larger $800+ orders 72 hrs, call or email us any of your questions

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